Creation of a site

Approximately 40% of our clients face with low traffic, negative behavioral factors, and small sales. Even after a superficial audit, it is clear that the work needs to be started not from the promotion or advertising of the existing site, but rather  from the deep processing of existing website or creating of a new one.

And the issue is not only about the old-fashioned design, too much text or difficulty in navigation. The biggest problem is the website inconsistency to modern trends of the Internet marketing, particularly SEO.

Generally, instead of correcting numerous technical errors, changing the structure, updating the design, and optimizing an existing website, it is much cheaper to create a new one. And even not just a new one, but creating an optimized site – a ready-to-use sales tool.

What do we do?

We specialize in the creation of different sites depending on the purpose and field of application:

  • Landing page (landing “selling” page);
  • Corporate website (site of the company providing the service);
  • Online store;
  • Portal (site offering visitors a variety of services – news, forecasts, forums, blogs, mailboxes, consultations).

SEO at the stage of the site development

The egregious blunder, which unfortunately most web-developers make, is ignoring the requirements of the search engines when building a website. They think of the search engine optimization only when the finished site doesn’t receive any visitors. Yet, timely SEO would have provided good traffic already from the site’s first days!

We follow our own algorithm of the development and optimization of a site, which includes collection of semantics, optimized content creation, execution of microformatting, analytics, internal and external optimization. This ensures that our sites are well positioned from the first days after their launch!

How do we work?

  • We do not repeat the mistakes of others;
  • We do not separate the work to development and search engine optimization – we do this work as a single set;
  • You will not have to alter or finish up anything!

Unique or template website?

Our customers can choose one of two options:

  1. Development of a unique site
  2. Site based on one of the 100 000 predesigned templates.

It is well known that a website creation is not easy, cheap, or fast. For example, the creation of a site for an online store requires the participation of a professional programmer, coder, and designer. It takes 3 to six months, and costs $ 1,500.

However, in most cases, there is an alternative version (more simple, fast and affordable) – creation of a site on the basis of predesigned templates.

For example, online store website usually includes a standard set of functions – product categories, flypages, search filters, shopping basket, and purchase order form. In this case, a unique design is less important compared to the functionality. There are many templates, developed by talented programmers and designers that fully comply with the requirements. Template can be no worse than individual development. Instead it can save half of the budget, halve the time and considerably simplify the work.

If the templates are so good than in what situations is the development of a unique website justified?

In situations when it is necessary to stress the uniqueness of the brand, a product or a service, provide the site with extraordinary functionality, consider and implement a complex algorithm of interaction with the visitor. Performance of such tasks is possible only with the help of a unique site.

Unique Шаблонный*
Corporate Online store Corporate Online store
Terms from 2 months from 3 months 1 month 1 month
Budget from 1000$ from 1500$ 500$ 750$
Advantages more possibilities for SEO

configuration according to customer requirements

preview of the site when choosing a template,

reasonable price,

flexibility to operate and edit the site,

the use of standard technologies,

short term

Disadvantages high cost

timing of the project depends on the development complexity and approval of design

compromise in design and functionality

Thus, if the website pursues routine tasks, the budget is limited, and time is running out – it is possible to give preference to predesigned template, and without compromising on quality. However, if your tasks are extraordinary, it is necessary to develop the structure and design of the site individually.