Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing (SMM) – is the development and implementation of effective strategy for communicating with your target audience at “their own territory.” Social networks are an ideal platform for business development of different directions.

Why SMM? Opportunities of SMM-campaign

In today’s world, social networks have a huge impact on people, the extent of which not all are aware of the full extent.

With the help of a competent SMM approach, the company gets increased awareness and loyalty to new products, and ordinary users will learn about the news of the company and are free to ask all the questions in an informal form of communication.

More than 2 billion people spend time in social networks. Among them there is your target audience. We will help you to find it.


The main directions of SMM:

  1. Research and analytics.
  2. Analysis of competitors and the needs of key audience.
  3. Increasing recognition.
  4. Branding, building a positive reputation.
  5. Identifying and attracting the target audience.
  6. Getting feedback.
  7. Direct contact with the consumer.
  8. Virus marketing.
  9. Hidden advertising.
  10. Consumer opinions monitoring.
  11. Tracking the positive and negative reviews.

What do we offer?

Having made a detailed analysis of the specifics of your business, our experts will develop the most advantageous model of actions needed to achieve the goals.

We will help you to identify platforms that are most useful to represent your company: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, forums and blogs …

Our SMM techniques

  • Creating and designing thematic groups and pages.
  • Adding interested people / subscribers to the groups.
  • Mailing invitations to social media users regarding upcoming actions or events.
  • Reposting other users on your blogs (pages) to attract people to the group or site.
  • Increasing the number of marks “I like” and comments to the required materials.
  • Setup and maintenance of banner advertising with the defined criteria for issuance.
  • Increasing the number of video views (for YouTube)
  • Running groups and pages with regular updates.
  • Establishing and monitoring thematic discussions on the forums.
  • “Virus” promotion in social networks.

Platforms for SMM


Facebook – social network, that got the global popularity in various social groups. On Facebook there are stars of show business and world level celebrities. Users are mainly middle and upper social strata. Given the nature of the network, we can provide a range of services: creation and design of the thematic groups / pages, addition of interested users and subscribers, distribution of invitations to groups, and increase of the number of marks “I like”.


Twitter – the system of “micro-blogging” with a lot of answers to the question: What is happening? Many Internet users would like to create their own blog on the Internet. We can do for you to-date and interesting blog for live communication with the interested audience. You can quickly announce all your innovations to your audience. We will make “reposts” of your information on the pages of other users. Your audience will always be aware of your events.


YouTube – a service for viewing and posting on the Internet user-generated videos from around the world. Using the opportunity to YouTube, you can achieve incredible results, both for the social inclusion of your audience, and for search engine optimization. We will increase the popularity of your videos, integrate your video to your site, and inform online audience of your video. Involve your users in the most interesting and entertaining format of advertising material – video.


LinkedIn – a social network for establishing and finding business contacts. This is the largest business network in the world. If you are interested in business contacts, search for new employees or business partners, we are pleased to offer a strategy at LinkedIn. We can conduct an advertising campaign among people based on some certain search criteria. Using web tools, we will attract the attention of your audience to your business.


Forums – platforms for thematic communications that connect people with the same hobbies and interests. Forums are designed to exchange information and can be used as an additional tool for repeated and multiple audience attraction. We will develop a strategy for your company’s presence in the specialized forums. We will deliver your USP to the target audience. We will increase awareness of and traffic of your site. Our experts will create thematic discussions, drawing attention to your brand / service and helping to shape positive audience reviews. Using a variety of techniques and approaches, the work with forums will achieve a big number of results, starting brand loyalty and ending search engine optimization.

Google +

«Google +» – is a social network from the Google Corporation. Users of this social network can recommend to watch their favorite websites due to a mark Google +. Websites with a lot of marks Google + are significantly increasing in the ranking, as opposed to sites without such marks, as this indicates that the site is popular and it is recommended for viewing. In addition, your site will be visible in the search results for users of social services network. We use popular tools of Google+ for finding your company on maps, promotion of video and photo images, as well as to participate in niche and thematic discussions.

The cost and guarantee calculation

Стоимость рекламной кампании рассчитывается исходя из многих критериев. Мы предлагаем Вам заполнить бриф, на основе которого наши специалисты предложат Вам решение.

The cost of advertising campaign is calculated based on many criteria. We offer you to fill in a brief on basis of which our experts will offer you a solution.

We work openly and transparently. At every stage of our work we provide a report on the current results. We are happy to assist you in developing your business. For more detailed information you can contact us at the specified contact information or fill in a feedback form.