SEО. Take a front row seat!

So, you have created a website with a modern design and a content that sells. Excellent. Now you just need to wait for the visitors who will buy the goods and order services. That is, of course, if they find your website in all of the immense online space.

By the way, while you are reading these lines, they are already searching! Will they find it or not? It all depends on whether you have taken care of SEO.

Search engine optimization or SEO is one of the Internet marketing tools, intended to increase the prominence of a webpage within the search results, increase its traffic, and avoid the chance of search engines limitations.

Why is SEO a win-win for your site?

  • Potential client outreach. Users are looking for a product or service on Google and Yandex search engine. Your site appears in the search results – they have found what they were looking for! Your visitors are not passersby but potential customers;
  • Achievement of the long-term result. Optimize your website once, and you will get a high ranking in search results for a long time;
  • Cost saving. A one-time investment in search engine optimization will bring more benefits than permanent advertising costs;
  • Competition and trust. No matter how many companies offer the same products and services. The high positions of the site in the search results make you a strong competitor! And users tend to trust those who are higher positioned and stronger!

No matter what site issue have you chosen, website has its own target audience on the search network.

«Web Lane» SEO-experts recommend!

For 6 years the company «Web Lane» has been working in the field of the Internet marketing. All this time we did a great emphasis on search engine optimization and found confirmation that SEO gives a head start to other types of advertising. After all the daily audience is nearly 65% of Internet users in Ukraine! Your potential customers are among them.

As of today, «Web Lane» SEO-experts developed the strategy and tactics for improving the position of the site in two search engines – and It works! You can trust us, and what is better – see it for yourself!

“How is it done?” or stages of search engine optimization

Audit is the initial stage of work with the site.

We study in detail the current position of the site, identify its strengths and weaknesses, and make recommendations for eliminating errors and further advancement;

Creation of semantic kernel is the basis for promoting the site

Detailed semantic kernel that consists of 70% of the Long Tail low-frequency queries (4-10 words) allows achieving quick results and securing position in the business niche of your industry. Hurry up, vacant places end up quickly! The completion period is 10 days.

Implementation of audit recommendations – work on the internal website optimization

unique content placement, meta tags writing, correction of technical errors. Depending on the number of recommendations, this step may take from a few days up to 3 months;

Development of a site – a deep internal and external optimization that is designed to improve traffic and increase website conversion

It is difficult to set deadlines for the implementation of this step, since its goal is not solely achieving certain results, but rather maintaining them for a long period of time.

Timing and results

The first results do not appear immediately – it takes about 1 month. But the increase of traffic by low-frequency and midrange requests will be obvious. Within 2-3 months, the improving of the website position in search results can be considered. And six months after the beginning of the work it would be possible to get the site to the top 10.

We do not use doubtful and risky search engine optimization techniques. Although the timing of promotion is increased by 10-30%, the risk of search engine limitations is equal to 0!

To make the results (reaching the Top and traffic growth) not only excel, but also long-term, the position of the site must be constantly maintained. Therefore, the best solution is not a one-time service, but a long-term cooperation.

Price and payment methods

The services cost is negotiated individually, because it depends on numerous factors, such as…

  • objectives and customer expectations,
  • the current position of the site by keywords,
  • internal optimization,
  • theme,
  • the level of competition,
  • project management expenses,
  • additional services (for example, the introduction of amendments by our expert developer – extra charge).

The exact value of integrated SEO services can be determined after the first phase of work – site audit and creation of semantic kernel. The first stage cost is — 150$, deadline— 5-7 working days.

We offer several payment options for search engine optimization services:

  • subscription fee (monthly fee for project management);
  • split payment (optimization expenses + commission for the project management);
  • payment by results (optimization expenses + commission for the project management +KPI bonus).

We are committed to long-term cooperation with you and are ready to offer flexible payment terms!

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