E-mail Marketing

Every Internet user has an email. This means you can contact everyone on the internet, show your products, visit your website, and become a customer. Email is such simple and affordable tool and can significantly increase the flow of visitors and intrest to your website.


The main difference from email marketing and sending spam is the user’s consent and real value of information.

Is e-mail marketing suitable for you?

  1. You managed to accumulate an impressive subscriber base with whom you can establish a correspondence;
  2. Your subscriber base is small, but you would like to increase it in order to make e-mails more productive;
  3. You have no database of subscribers, but you know about the benefits of e-mail and would like to put this marketing tool into practice. If you do not know the advantages of e-mailing yet, then read on!

The advantages of e-mail marketing

And if you still do not know about the benefits of the e-mailing, we hasten to inform you about them:

  • Low cost. E-mailing expenses range from $ 20 for a letter;
  • Fast response. Letters instantly fall in mailboxes of subscribers, and almost immediately after reading the letter there is a transition to the site;
  • Maintaining interest. Regular e-mailing allows keeping subscribers up-to-date;
  • Reminder. If regular visitors have not visited the site lately, and do not know anything about the new products or services, special offers and promotions, then using the e-mail sending is an easy way to inform them;
  • Increase of conversion. Regular letters stimulate sales – both primary and repeat ones;
  • Analysis of the results. E-mail marketing services enable to track actions of emails to recipients and improve the e-mail sending strategy (e.g., sending emails to the time period when the purchase probability is the highest).

What do you get as a result?

Some may tell you that the e-mailing is an inefficient form of advertising. Of course, if you just send mass emails, they fall into spam and sales are not likely to happen. But e-mail marketing is more than just sending out emails. It is building a relationship between you and your subscribers. And that is what brings excellent results.

  1. For a low cost, you get a unique result that is incomparable to the one achieved with the help of the complex, lengthy and costly marketing tools;
  2. You get a subscriber base with built interested in your services or products, engaging and rappor building and ready to purchase customers for your goods or services. The development of a relationship with your subscribers is a pledge of loyalty;
  3. You own the feedback channel with potential buyers to make surveys, receive feedback, and conduct the correspondence;
  4. You communicate with all subscribers and at the same time with each person, creating a personalized offer;
  5. You get expert status in the eyes of the subscribers;
  6. You get the conversion – one of the cheapest!

The company “Web Lane” – setup, launch and maintain e-mail sending

The algorithm on setting up, launching and maintaining e-mailing looks as follows:

  • Processing and segmentation of the subscriber base (the division of subscribers into groups according to certain criteria – gender, age, place of residence);
  • Development of direct marketing strategies;
  • Creation of messages (individualization, attractive titles, informative text, graphics, style and design, layout);
  • Selecting of time for email sending;
  • Carrying out a regular e-mail sending;
  • The increase of the subscriber base (we do not approve the purchase of ready-made bases and apply the methods of natural increase in subscriber base);
  • The use of special service (mailchimp, e-sputnik) eliminates the risk of falling under the automatic filters of mail services;
  • Getting feedback from subscribers;
  • Analysis of e-mail marketing;
  • The adjustment of marketing strategy.

We work only with professional e-mail marketing service (MailChimp), which ensures that your email does not fall into the spam, and reach the correct destination!

We guarantee that your e-mailing will be attractive and interesting for the subscribers, technically adapted to a variety of audiences, which is highly effective in terms of sales.