Contextual advertising – present yourself TODAY

Internet is unlimited opportunities for business development.

Do you already have your own website or a landing page? Excellent. But having your own Internet resource is not a guarantee of success. Internet users, i.e. your potential customers, have to find out about the existence of your page.

The objective of an advertising campaign is to attract and interest customers, so they would see the advertisement, go to the website or landing page that leads to the desired “conversion.”

The ideal advertising campaign

Imagine there is a type of advertising that …

  • is placed on the most promising advertising markets;
  • encompasses a wide audience of your potential customers;
  • does not require significant financial expenses;
  • is easy to set up, and is put into work quickly;
  • attracts only those who are really interested in the product;
  • consistently brings in new customers;
  • significantly increase the number of calls, orders, sales;
  • allows you to monitor the results and provides you with statistics.

This refers to a contextual advertising.

Contextual advertising (Google Adwords) –

is text or image advertisements that appear on the pages of search engines in response to a user request.

Advantages of contextual advertising

Let us consider the advantages of the contextual advertising over other forms of advertising?

It matches the queries

A potential client is looking for your offer on his own, and contextual advertising only helps him find it. As your ad repeats the user’s search query, it is not perceived negatively, in contrast to other forms of intrusive advertising. On the contrary, the probability of a conversion is very high.

It reaches your target audience

Only those who are looking for your product or service can see your advertisement. Those who are not interested in it do not see the ad. Magic? No, it’s settings of the contextual advertising. And not only can the key words be adjusted, but also the place and time of the advertisement display.

The cost of the advertising campaign

The number of “clicks” is paid for, that is when a user visits your resource via advertisements. There’s no payment for placing an ad, only for the real customers!

Quick launch of the advertising campaign

Your ad will appear on the relevant search and thematic resources already after 1-3 days after the contextual advertising launch.

Efficiency control

Google.Adwords provides a full report on the implementation of advertising campaigns – about successful keyword phrases and the number of visitors..

«Web Lane» professionals recommend!

Contextual advertising is for a reason considered to be one of the most effective ways to attract the website target audience – potential buyers and customers. It does not require large financial investments at the beginning. And it gives tangible results almost immediately after the launch.

But! To make the contextual advertising outcome-oriented, you need a well-considered and an accurate set up. The slightest mistake in settings of the contextual campaign can lead to loss of the advertising budget and a great disappointment.

Over a few years of working with the contextual advertising the company «Web Lane» experts identified key success factors. They are:

  • high-quality selection of key phrases;
  • creation of attractive advertisements;
  • competent display setup, bidding and budget settlement;
  • optimization of landing pages.

What objectives do our experts set in contextual advertising?

  • Only targeted leads from advertisements to the site. Minimal number of refusals!
  • Reducing the cost of the one transition;
  • Focus on high-converting words and phrases;
  • The conversion boost of landing pages and of the website.

How do we create an advertising campaign?

Создание и ведение рекламной кампании в сервисах Яндекс.Директ и Google Adwords состоит из нескольких последовательных этапов.

PHASE 1. Setting up and launching

  • Study of the specificity of the client’s business;
  • Compiling a list a of keywords;
  • Compiling a list of “negative keywords”;
  • Designing the structure of the campaign and the flow of site traffic;
  • Optimization of the landing page;
  • Writing text ads (for each keyword / phrase a separate ad is created);
  • Adding a campaign structure, keywords and ads to the account;
  • Setting the display (time, country, device, frequency);
  • Creation of goals and conversion tracking;
  • Defining the effective daily and monthly budget;
  • Setting the bid per one click;
  • Launching the campaign.

The execution time of the first phase is from 4 days to 2 weeks.

PHASE 2. Analysis

  • Tracking of the advertisements efficiency;
  • Maintaining the advertisements at specific positions;
  • Analysis of key words / phrases. Determination of effective and ineffective words / phrases;
  • Adding new words. Clarification of current words / phrases;
  • Adjustment of rates and the budget;
  • Conversion tracking statistics for the detecting of problematic pages and improving them.

The execution time of the second phase is within a month.

Creation and optimization of the landing page

One of common mistakes is to make all the advertisements lead to the home page. What do the visitors see? They see a huge catalog of products / services, or large amount of the text, which has no direct relation to their request. This results in a massive refusals and low conversion.

The advertisement must lead to a page that matches the query. Therefore, a relevant landing page plays a key role in the conduct of the campaign.

If you have a landing page, we will perform analysis, make recommendations to improve the relevance, and optimize it for the advertisement campaign.

If you don’t have a landing page, we can create it “from scratch”, including the development of design and structure optimization for an ad campaign, connection services and conversion tracking attendance.

How do we work?

  • Before starting the work, we carefully study the specifics of your business to avoid the “niche” errors;
  • We coordinate with you every action and make joint decisions;
  • You receive regular reports on the progress and results;
  • We conduct continuous monitoring of the campaign, constantly analyze results, make quick adjustments;
  • We are always in touch! At any time we are ready to respond to your calls.

The cost of the contextual advertising

  • Setting up and launching the advertising campaign – from $150(One-time payment) or 15% of the budget (with a budget of $1,000).
  • Continuous conduct of the campaign – from $100 per month.