Content Marketing

A few years ago, almost every website had pages and pages of indigestible text stuffed with key phrases. What was it achieving? A method to promote a website, intended solely for web crawlers, or was it a disrespect for the visitors, who honestly tried to read the writing?

Today, the approach to content marketing has changed beyond recognition. The text is not only the main tool to promote the website in search engines, but also the easiest way to…

  • disseminate relevant, useful, interesting information;
  • acquire expert status in the eyes of web visitors;
  • increase the level of credibility of potential customers;
  • turn visitors, subscribers, and admirers into buyers.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a systematic and targeted filling of a website with texts, photos, videos, that focused on visitors and optimized for specific low competitive search queries.

Content marketing pursues two goals:

  1. optimize the website for mid-range and low-frequency search queries, speed up the promotion and rank the website to the top;
  2. attract and retain visitors that came via search engines, social networks, third-party sites.

The main tools of content marketing are:

  • informational articles;
  • advertisements;
  • branded photo and video;
  • infographics;
  • attractive positions in social networks;
  • letters for e-mail sending;
  • materials for download.

The formula of a successful content marketing is as follows:

SEO +copywriting + SMM + e-mail sending

Content marketing from «Web Lane»

You may think that the work of content marketing manager is simply a publication of texts (written on their own or borrowed on foreign websites). That is not the case. Content marketing is a broad range of actions:

  • development of content plan with the account of semantic kernel of the website;
  • studying the website target audience (age, sex, social status, interests, needs, fears);
  • writing articles, reviews, news, interviews, advertisements, letters for mailing and other types of text content;
  • optimization of content (5-10 keyword phrases in the text);
  • optimization of website pages;
  • content export  to social networks (sharing and repost);
  • e-mail sending;
  • content export to other sites

What results does the content marketing produce?

  1. Ranking top in search results by midrange and low-frequency key phrases;
  2. Build-up of link mass (not purchased, but natural);
  3. Increase of the website traffic – from search engines, social networks, mailing lists, third-party sites;
  4. Improvements of behavioral factors – length of stay on the website, number of pages viewed, number of internal transitions, the return rate on the site;
  5. Reducing the risk of sanctions from search engines;
  6. Increase of conversion.

Ways of cooperation and prices

The content marketing service may be given one-time (filling website with optimized content), or long-term (blogging, administration of public pages or groups in social networks, configuring and maintaining e-mail sending).

The prices on content marketing service are determined according to the amount of work.